Canopy Accessories

Additional parts you might require to install your canopy

This list of accessories can be purchased individually to allow your canopy to be fixed to any structure. All parts are made from high quality stainless steel, providing a smart and durable finish. When purchasing screws and mechanical anchors make sure you take these parts with you to the shop.

Eye plate
Used for fixing to timber or steel beams.
£3.50 each

Eye nut
Used for screwing onto threaded studding (mechanical or chemical anchor). See image 4 of the installation guide.
£3.00 each

Eye bolt (short) - 15mm
Used when fixing into steel.
£3.00 each

Eye bolt (long) - 100mm
Used when fixing through a timber post.
£7.00 each

D shackle
Used to connect cable to canpoy corner or cable to wall fixing.
£2.50 each

Rigging screw
Rigging screw fully extended ready to be attached to the canopy.
£15.50 each

4mm Cable
Used to connect canopy to fixing when making up distance. Exact length(s) required when ordering this item.
£16.50 per length (up to 200cm)

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