Frequently asked questions about choosing your garden canopy

What type of fabric should I choose for my canopy?
Do you want your canopy to be a sun shade only? - if so, the 'mesh' fabric type canopy is best for you. Do you want your canopy to stop sunlight and provide shelter from the rain? - if so, the NX500 nylon is the best option.

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Which fabric is waterproof?
The NX500 nylon is the only fabric available that is waterproof.

What can I fix my canopy to?
The canopies can be fixed to any solid structure therefore when considering your fixing positions you should make sure they are strong and secure. If you wish to fix your canopy to your house, or building, but there is nothing else to fixing the other corners to, then you may wish to consider using timber posts. These timber posts can easily be obtained from Garden or Fencing centres and will require to concrete fixed in. The images below show two typical scenario's.

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What do I receive when I order the canopy?
All the canopies are supplied with the following:

Accessories, including fixing eyes and shackles, can be ordered either with your canopy or separately from the accessories section (as not everyone will require them).

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Why are sections of rope included in the order, what are they for?
When ordering, we recommend you order all the parts needed except for the cables.

There are 4 x 2m sections of rope included with your order to be used to measure the length of cable required. See installation instructions.

  • Fix these lengths to the corners of the sail.
  • Then attach each length of rope to the fixing positions so that the sail is put into position.
  • Then measure each length of rope and this will be the length of cable you require.
  • Finally return to the accessories section and specify the lengths of cable required and we will make these up and send to you. Postage is only charged at cost plus packaging to make sure that cable dispatch is as inexpensive as possible.

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What type of fixings should I use to fix the canopy up?
This will depend on the material that you are fixing to - we have a range of fixings in our accessories section to purchase, allowing you to fix your canopy to almost anything.

What is the maximum length of cable I can use?
We do not recommend using more than 2m length of cable from the corner of the sail to the fixing position.

Can I leave the canopy up all year in all weathers?
Unfortunately not - due to the fabric that the canopy will act like a large sail, there is a chance that the a strong wind will cause your fixings to fail. We therefore recommend that the canopy is not left in place over the Autumn/Winter period (from early October to early April) and also removed during summer storms.

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How do I clean my canopy?
The NX500 nylon fabric is best cleaned using hot soapy water – and a soft brush (with light coloured bristles on the lighter coloured fabrics like white and silver). Jet washers can be used but from a distance (will depend on your pressure washer) but no closer than 1m. Any closer than this and you may bring the fibres up and damage the fabric. Canopies should never be washed in a washing machine.

For the PVC coated polyester mesh, the same procedures should be used – though due to the mesh qualities, it may be required to wash both sides of the fabric to prevent the dirt from simply being pushed though from one side to the other.

Can I replace the rope with steel cable?
Yes, once you have installed the canopy, you can measure the length of the sections of rope that you have made up. You can then return to accessories section and specify the lengths and we will make these up and send to you.

What type of fixings do I need to fix to my timber pergola and my house wall?
For fixing to timber we suggest you use either the eye plate or the eye bolt (long) depending on weather you want to fix to the surface or bolt through your timber pergola. For fixing to your house we advise you to purchase a mechanical anchor as pictures in the installation guide picture 4 - available from your builders merchants/diy shop. To this you can then screw on an eye nut.

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Can I order the canopy, cable and all the accessories all the at the same time to avoid more than one set of postage?
When ordering, we recommend you order all the parts except the cables, as these will need to be made to suit once you have measured the rope length that you use. Postage is only charged at cost plus packaging to make sure that cable dispatch is as inexpensive as possible.

Is VAT and Delivery included in the price?
Yes - VAT and delivery are included in the price. Should you require an invoice please email us and we can email you one back.

How long will it be until I receive my canopy?
All canopies are made to order with a manufacturing period of 3 weeks.

May I return my canopy if I decide I do not want it or do not like it?
Unfortunately not, as all our canopies are made to order, we cannot take returns. If however there is a manufacturing defect, we are happy to take the item back to be repaired. It will then be returned to you with no charge.

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