Canopy Installation Guide

Install your garden canopy quickly and easily

Installing your canopy is easy and does not require any specialist tools, but make sure you familiarize yourself with process involved before starting.

Download this guide in pdf format

1. Clear the area before starting making sure the space is clear of obstruction.
2. Using the supplied drawing as a guide measure the locations for the fixings.
3. Carefully drill the holes for the appropriate fixings.
4. Add the fixing to all the locations.
5. Take all of the rigging screws in turn and rotate the body of the srew while holding the end, to extend its length.
6. Rigging screw fully extended ready to be attached to the canopy.
7. Rigging screw fully extended compared to non-extended.
8. Connect one end of the rigging screw to each corner of the canopy using the locating pin.
9. Connect the securing pin.
10. Corner of canopy with rigging screw attached, fully extended ready for fitting.
11. Attached the rigging screw to the fixing at each corner.Once attached tension the canopy by rotating the body of the rigging screw while holding once end. You must rotate it so that it becomes shorter.
12. Continue to tension the canopy at each corner equally - until the canopy is taught and creasless. A section of rope can be used to establish the correct sails position and replaced with the cable shown.
13. The canopy should look smooth and taught. Note that this canopy has been installed with a twist in the fixings to improve water run off.
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